7:40 AM

A lil something to share before I continue my journey to "New Orleans" before encountering a huge test tomorrow.

Really really good! Too good I would say.
Brian Culbertson is a composer himself who plays good keys, and many other instruments. Enjoy!

Pop History exam's tomorrow.
Just can't wait to get done and over with the exam hall.
Two papers is enough to have me get sick and tired of it already.

And before I leave, I want to make this a post not only full of words. haha!

Uhm yeah a perfect cloning of ze Ngs' alright.

And here's a major love of what Trivium is made off.
A Japanese American man name Matt Heafy who is awesome just like that.
The lead vocalist who plays that electric guitar and gives out, yes a metal voice heee! :D
And very handsomeeeeeee!!! :D

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