Another day, Another rain fall.

9:27 AM

Procrastination. Ever wondered why we ever procrastinate and not pull ourselves back though we know it's bad?
I wondered, and still do but don't see a way in stopping. Don't ask me why. haha.

Anyways, so it's almost coming to an end, the month of January.
Swedish House Mafia was meh, so so. Not the best rave I would say, though this is only the fourth rave I went but well it was good because company does matters.
Reckon that the organizers actually did suck entirely but then again,
without great friends, without great ravers, you think the party would go on and on?
It was one crazy, really crazy night.
Covered in sweat, and the pouring rain and what not.

That night.

And that's my party people, some of them I mean. :)

So I told myself, partying should stop, at least till February. 
When I party, I need to enjoy. And when enjoying comes in the picture, cash comes along. 
But then again, I am planning to head to Bangkok for a couple of days maybe alone, maybe with some friends who are interested.
So it's time to really save up. 
CNY is close enough, angpaus angpaus angpaus!! 
All that cash, no I'm not letting it disappear like that, not this time, not within a snap. 
Gosh, discipline and self control.  SO IMPORTANT. :)

Getting late, hunger's striking at the wrong time again. But then again, doesn't it always happen?
Turning in soon, it's getting late. :)

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