7:10 AM

iBlog because iKnow its time to.

Exactly seven weeks ago, we were all still talking bout what's gonna happen in the new semester.
The short semester, that is.

Exactly seven weeks ago, we were all still suffering from post Penang trip symptoms.
One trip that meant sooo much.

And now, it's about to come to an end and we're all about to approach a two months break.

Time flies no doubt causing things to change.
Sometimes changes in life are good things.

To tell you the truth, I'm having thoughts about switching my institute.
But of course still within the same field.
It's just that, performance is just not my thing.

Oh well, been having thoughts flooding through me these days.

Have a good day ya'll.

Faith is what we have to have in ourselves.
Without faith, there wouldn't be an achievement

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