The Day I Started Chasing The Sun

9:45 AM

It's been awhile and time have been flying real fast, yes TIME. 

Happy 2013 baby cakes. 

So hello again. 
Been partying since uni was out two months ago. Gawd, I'm taking a break from that till SHM appears on the 18th January. 

Got your tickets yet people? Hurry go get them, it's their last tour and that explains the "ONE LAST TOUR" shit. 

And gotta start concentrating on studies already if I wanna leave UCSI fast enough for NYU. 

One of me NewYears Resolution is to finish up my subjects by this year so that I can just leave next year.
And another, trip to Bangkok must happen this year. No time to lose, gotta save up already. :)
Priorities, so much of em', gotta keep it going now and not fail my dreams in life.

So apparently I'm uploading pictures with some of my love ones, and if you missed my face.. and a beautiful picture of Angkor Wat I recently explored. 

Shall crash now, dreading tomorrow's class so bad. 
Good night loves. Still missing you as always, waiting for summer for your return baby cakes. 

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