6:47 AM

At 2149, I'm back to blogging.
Been awhile since I was here, yeah it feels abandon.

I've been tweeting like a boss,
facebook-ing like a boss
And of course tumblr-ing like a boss,
but I've forgotten to blog like a boss.

Too much to catch up on but knowing me, I'm never able to blog about everything I have not blogged about.
Sounds confused?! I'm confused!

I'm just glad that it's the short sem now, though it maybe a lil rush in every aspect of education.
Knowing that it's only four more weeks till the sem break, gosh this feels sooo damn real!
The only problem is that catching up on CRS is way beyond my abilities.
People may say "You should have drop that subject."
Can I say that my ego is big, I don't give a shit and the challenge it's accepted?
Sounds familiar, I have learned from Adam Levain and of course Barney Stinson. :D

The bad thing is, holidays keep messing with my mind and all I wanna do is have holidays.
It'll come I know, I know. LOL

P.S : What would you do if I told you that I la la la la love you?! <3

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