Days just gets better everytime.

4:23 PM

Screw the fact that I'm a light sleeper.

Woke up to footsteps in the house. Really hate it.
I mean its holiday for me and I'm definitely suppose to be sleeping in now. 

Anyways, semester break's feeling just too short for me.
Hate the fact so much that the new semester is just a week away.

But of course I'm feeling optimistic bout things which are gonna happen.
No, this week is gonna be a good week for me. Definitely, not gonna be wasting it.
Random love happened yesterday. 
Headed over to Connaught to passed over my keyboard to Kris and met up babe Syikin for lunch at Mackers aka McDs.

On random love and action, met up with Casey and moo moo and headed to Gardens to meet up with Jamie and Alwin. 
On random craziness, we ended up in Redbox singing our hearts out. 
Was one of the best day ever throughout this semester break.

Well the fact that I wouldn't be seeing you till uni reopens makes me wanna miss you more.
But I'm glad I saw you last week, I mean I'm gonna be just this thankful. :)

Just some love to share. 

Time you gotta slow down, please don't fly too fast. 

Gotta try falling back asleep. Please no more nightmare. 
Till then! 


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