5:16 AM

Thing's I got to do this Chinese New Year

1. Gotta dye back that hair of mine.
2. Decides whether to buy a pair of heels or a new pants or skirt.
3. Gotta shop somemore.
4. Enjoy the food.
5. Go on random visitation.
6. Get more ang paus.
7. Screw uni for that few days, enjoy first.
8. Catch up with the old and current peeps.
9. I don't know, maybe lousang with them peeps all the way??
10. Parttaayyyyyyyy!!!!!

Now that I've got my list, I've to get back to what I was doing.

Study Pop History for quiz.
Ohh the blues!
Sir,a lil lighter on the quizzes please?? :)

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