7:45 AM

Sunday morning, rain is falling.

I mean it rained and rained and rained all the way till I went out for a birthday bash.

Well, no doubt I was really quiet tonight. Imagine going to a party where you know no one.
I mean I knew a few but not close ones. Yes gonna emphasize again "NOT CLOSE ONES"
One word, AWKWARD!

Mark's birthday thats why I went. Kawan aku tu.
Heyy, I had a lil fun watching the performance.
And heyy, I saw my tuition teacher and some of the old friends I use to see at her tuition too.
And hey hey, I made the party start on BBM and twitter. LOLOLOL!

Had a can of Carlsberg, like I said, it's been awhile since I drank. :)
Carlsberg brings me fresh memories of the Genting trip.
Yes, I miss it.

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