6:25 AM

Let me explain how a date works.

It's only called a date if two person agrees that it's a date.
If one agrees and the other doesn't then its not a date.
And going out in two as friends are not considered as a date.
As long as it doesn't to me.

It was one good day the other day.
But I just don't get why the good times only lasted for a day and then it end up into something awkward.
Can you ever explain?!
Kawan, we were just hanging out as friends lah.
Whatever happened to the you got me and I got you. =.=
I memang terasa and I feel the cold vibe towards me.
If it's because of your friends then really, what more can I say?!

Tell you what, it's disappointing.
And if this has to occur then I'm not agree-ing to hang out with you, just the two of us anymore.

Okay have a great day.
Gonna om nom nom some Tutti Frutti in awhile. :)

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