8:17 AM

The word emo comes from the word emotional.

Emotions are made up of good emotions and bad emotions.
Most people or rather everyone have their mindsets on the word emo as bad emotions.
Thus, the word emo.

But I've learn soo much, though it's hard I'll strive on.
Being happy yourself would bring happiness to the rest of the people in the world.
Being unhappy or emo would pull your days down and slows down the good times you were meant to have.
So why stay unhappy and torture that little soul of yours deep down inside you?

Sure, breaking up for a difficult and annoying reason hurts, but knowing that you both still love each other why not give it time and break to each other.
Things will get better in time.
People always say "If it's yours then it's yours."
No matter what happens or who tries to destroy that little love story of yours, it's still belongs to you.

It's not wrong to be sad, or unhappy, or pissed. But this emotions shouldn't prolong.
The fact that it affects the people around.
You don't know how sad people can be because of you! haha

Just my lil thoughts. I'm just saying. :)

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