5:33 AM

Hello from Sabah!
Actually the cybercafe in Sabah. LOLS

Touchdown Sabah yesterday noon, weather here is humid and I mean it.
I have never bath soooo many times in a day besides days when I had activities.

But food here was good, had seafood on the first night, loads of them.

Oh well, there's soo much to blog about the whole friggin week.
Second trip of the week, zomg!

Penang with the peeps was AWESOME!
Something that we yearn for sooo long, a getaway and now its over.
I'm still having the good ol' times we had during Penang, it's the post trip symptom.

I MISS THEM, and I miss you too douchebag. Sad but true!
But I miss them more! :D

Will be blogging with pictures soon, too many words brings boredom!

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