2:19 AM

And I'm officially on semester break now.
Okay not exactly official and that's because I'm left with one last final project before sem break shakes my hands and greets me with a big smile.

And I've been carrying on today with ze project, but indeed it was a well good day that I spend with various people.
Simple yet fun, major major crazy love!

Had dimsum for breakfast with ze coursemates at Taman Gembira.

And had lunch with my babes, June and soul sister at Bangsar.
We were banana leaf-ing. LOL

And there was this random charming dude, very much like a university student who came to us with a sign, something about gender inequality and gave us a very nice flower each. Hee! :D

Indeed a very happening start to my unofficial second semester break of the year.
I love ze peeps way too much. :D

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