Here's for a hater of happiness

8:43 AM

I have so much I wanna say to you and I wish you were here to listen.

Such sadist like you who hates to see me happy.
Why be a hater when you are suppose to learn to love the happiness people share with you?

You have no rights to ignore me without a reason, yet I don't wanna ask.
Once upon a time, times were rough for me and all I had in mind was negativity.
To tell you the truth you should have just broke my heart there and then but you didn't.
What you did wasn't wrong because it was your rights, but the reason behind what you did hurts because I don't even know why the heck you ignored me.
It's all well and good now because to know you are not worth my pain, I think I'll make it through without another day of heartache and tears.

What plays in my mind is why now?
Why when I'm happy you have to ruin the times where I was meant to have.
Boy, please learn to love and grow up because you are a grown man.

Oh well, this are just some of the things I wanna say to you and I really wish you were here to listen.

One thing i'm for sure, I'm very contented with the people around me, the ones that makes me laugh and love me for who I am. Thanks all of you guys. :D

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