7:47 AM

So, it's Sunday already. 

I can die dude, cuz it's Monday tomorrow. 

Did some research on the institutions around in the States.
Since uncle briefed me about things over there knowing that I might study abroad, he told me that what I wanna major in, I would most likely go to New York.

So I did some research, checked out the courses and the outlines of it. 
The durations and everything I actually need to know.
Sent in a catalog request to know more bout it. 

Found two institute which really appeals to me now. One would be 

NYU = New York University 
IAR = Institute of Audio Research.

Would really love to head over there the moment I graduate from UCSI now. 
Can't really do much bout my the course in UCSI as it is fixed that I'm doing a performance degree and only gotta know when my peeps from Mass Comm started choosing their pathways in their 3rd year.

But we'll see what's in store for me. For now, this is a future plan but again, plans may vary. haha. 
I hope you guys know what you really wanna achieve in future. Good day mates!

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