The many things that happens.

7:17 AM


I simply just love Wednesdays. 
Wednesdays are one of the most relaxing days I have, at least there is time to breathe. 
Wednesdays are days that makes me happy, I get to see you. 
Okay cheesy enough. Friends. LOL

Well today's class was till six pm. 
Came home to the most challenging weather ever, a heavy downpour. 
I meant challenging as in real challenging cause the breeze were strong, water were splashing in.
Cold I tell you.

These days I laugh a lot. 
Good for me and the people around me. 
I mean, happiness are meant to be shared dontcha think? :)

Well, I'm definitely in a dilemma now. 
To go or not to go?
Beijing's the place, for an international choral competition.
Parents are encouraging me to take it up and experience something different.
What's stopping me is that I don't know what Im expecting next semester and the sudden amount, woo scary! haha..
Oh well, let's just see what's my decision. It shall and definitely will be updated.

Had dinner with one of my favourite uncle and aunt, they came back from the States and we had curry fish head for dinner. yum yums!
Couzies bought us prezzies and ask their parents to pass it to us. :)
I reckon they are getting us ready to go over for studies or vacation since we can't wear these winter wear here. Anyways I love these presents sooooo muchh!!! And now im missing them more than ever.

Shall stop blogging and continue revising for theory midterm tomorrow. 
Gotta understand this stuff! 

Dreading tomorrow nowww!! I dont like Thursdays. 
Toodlooss love ones!

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