8:50 AM

"I shall blog tomorrow."

Been saying this since the week started.
I know, such a slack who procrastinates too much right? haha.

Thing is, I have so much to blog about.
So much to say, so much to express, so much to smile about.

Time have fly fast enough to end our two months of studies and now with just a blink of an eye, we are all now enjoying our two months of break.
What kills is that, we all don't get to see each other as often as we do, now that some of us have part time jobs, internship, and some flies of for vacation while the others just do whatever they can within this two months.

Well it's 1.02am now, and I just got back from a wonderful time of catching up at Pica's.
Picadilly's is an awesome place located in PJ and its well, good for catching up and stuff like that.
Oh and it was a goodbye to June for the year for me and soul sister cuz we will only be seeing her when the semester returns.
Sad cuz we're sooo gonna miss her.

Oh have I told you that card games are in the hype again now?
We spend lotsa time beating each other in monopoly deal.
New cool? Nahhh, just that the hype came back. haha!

Anyways, I've been working part time since this month started and will stop working in a month time from now.
I'm not disclosing the reason. :D
Not yet!
*but my close friends would know what I have in mind*

I've been "writing" a whole long to-do list in my mind to the reason of me stopping work early.
And I shall continue that tomorrow cuz it's actually my bed time now *work*.

Good night loves. Till then.

sisters hand in hand.

PS : Mr owl always stays up late.

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