Another thought, another day.

9:39 PM

So you've found someone who I never thought this day would come so quickly.

Well, all those hopes and wishes, they are all gone now.

Haha, guess we were never meant to be. All I can do is just try to accept it and be happy for you.
Not easy but I know I am strong enough to go through this.
Just quite disappointed with myself for doing too much for you.
Yes the running from one block to another ain't easy especially when my days are actually filled with classes.
Checking on the other stuff you wanted to know ain't easy too but thank goodness I've got MM with me cuz he fills me with information you wanna know.
I've learn never to over do things for people. But for you, I went against my learning.
And now I'm more certain of not helping people that much anymore because when it is overdone someone somewhere will get hurt.

I'd learn. A process of life.
You are not the one for me and God has someone way better than you.
Just not this time.

I wonder why I couldn't really bring myself out to be super down.
It's prolly the amount of workload I have, the times I need to be there for a certain person that needs me most.
God gave me this stuff at the right time. I couldn't care anymore.

Like they said, many other fishes in the sea. LOLOLOLOLOL!
But I said, my career and studies are way more important then relationships.

Chill out and treasure your love ones. You only have one life. Enjoy it while it last. :)

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