7:04 PM

Hey Holiday.

I appreciate your presence and I don't want you to leave. I need a longer vacation.
That reminds me, till today I have never posted up any of my vacation pictures. Uh huh.
Well, the other time I wanted to but sweet blogger.com wouldn't allow me to uhm upload my pictures.

So shall I do it now? Since I'm freee and since uni is starting tomorrow, I really doubt I have that kinda time to uhm sit and wait for the pictures.

Hong Kong 2010'
26th December - 2nd January
Two families : Mine and the soul sister's. :)

Day 1

After an early morning flight, we finally touchdown HK.
Got our duffles and our luggage, and we head to our hotel somewhere near MiuKai, i think.
Dorsett Seaview Hotel, Hong Kong except there ain't any uhm seaview.
Our view was shops, parks and markets.

Symphony of Lights at the Harbour.

Family's first picture. :)

Me, the sister and soul sister on the left.

Im stopping at Day 1 for now. And Imma continue tomorrow. The internet is a killer. Pfft!

Ohh boy there goes my holiday! But spending it nicee especially today was good.
Had lunch with my two girlfriends from the childhood times. I can say they are both the greatest friends I had in life.
Soo much to catch up on and later we had dinner. 3 of our families plus the Kwan's.
T'was a good time together. :)

Melia. :)

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